Wind Chimes

The Tubing

Our beautiful hand crafted wind chimes are made of the highest quality aluminum and are tuned to the penatonic scale. The tubing is brushed for a high luster look. We use a brass grommet where the cord goes through the tube so that it will not cut the cord when blowing in the wind.

The Cord

We are using the highest quality material for the cord. The standard in this industry is to use nylon, but nylon is problematic in that it only lasts about three or four years and then the chime falls apart. We are instead using dacron. This material is used in cording on sail boats, parachutes, and mountain climbing ropes. As you might suspect, it is much more durable than nylon and will make for a much longer lasting chime.

The Wood

The wood that we use is select California redwood. We have put three coats of danish oil on the wood for protection. When we started making our wind chimes back in 1986, we wanted to make a high quality chime that would sound good, look good, and have a long life expectancy.

As for care, a coat of good quality oil stain once a year is all that is required to rejuvenate the wood.

The Lifetime Warranty

We are the only company that I know of that has a warranty on our chimes. As long as you re-oil the wood once a year we will warranty every chime for life. That is unheard of in this industry.